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Yin Yang

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Yin Yang ©

Design by Namit Khanna
INR 65,000/-

We went looking for serene perfect and it led us directly to the YinYang coffee table set. This simple design is wonderfully classic and contemporary at the same time, fitting perfectly into spaces that timelessly blend the modern and traditional. The coffee table is topped with a clear glass table top. Nestled within are two functional peg-tables that topped with matte-finished glass tabletop.

Why did we name it YinYang?

Because we don’t mess with things that have perfect names.

All our pieces can be used indoor and outdoor.

Technical Details

Dimensions Diameter x Height
98.50 x 51.00 centimetres Coffee / 31.50 x 42.00 centimetres Side
Material & Qualities Iron, Clear Glass and Smoked Frosted Glass
Colour Finish Charcoal Black, Trophy Gold
Technical Specs
in India
Suitable for
Indoors & Outdoors Use
Taxes & Shipping
covered within India
Delivery within
three weeks
The Process

Behind The Scenes

Just like us human beings, all the products at Nama Home undergo a series of transitions before they are perfectly mature to set foot into this world. No two pieces are exactly the same as there is handcrafting involved at some point in their journey.

The journey of Yin Yang begins with polishing, followed by a de-rusting treatment so that it can withstand the sands of time and weather. After bathing in a black textured powder coat which brings the ultimate finesse to the frame, each table is checked carefully based on strict quality standards. It is then boxed with a certificate of authenticity before it becomes a statement member for your home!

Namit Khanns
About the designer

Namit Khanna

Namit Khanna is schooled from Italy as a product designer. With a passion for minimalism, he approaches design with a keen eye for unusual perspectives, turning them into objects that are at once minimal and elegant.

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