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Scuba Planter

  • Forest Green
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  • Trophy Gold

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Scuba Planter ©

Design by Namit Khanna
INR 8,000/-

From the growing family of Scuba, comes another marvel. The Scuba Planter is the answer to the needs of every kind of plant parent, from the first timer to the experienced parent, from the proud parent to the ‘take it as it comes’ parent. Creating a cozy, elevated nook for your house plants, the Scuba Planter takes the planter game to its distinct, one-of-a-kind cut glass holder that gives your plants a unique view of the world.

Why do we call it the Scuba Planter?

The shape of the planter is inspired by a scuba diver’s tank. The Planter might just be the oxygen your plants need.

All our pieces can be used indoor and outdoor.

Technical Details

Dimensions Length x Breadth x Height
15 x 15 x 27 centimetres
Material & Qualities Mild Steel and Ribbed Glass
Colour Finish Trophy Gold, Forest Green, Gunmetal Grey, Moss Green
Technical Specs
in India
Suitable for
Indoors & Outdoors Use
Taxes & Shipping
covered within India
Delivery within
three weeks

Namit Khanns
About the designer

Namit Khanna

Namit Khanna is schooled from Italy as a product designer. With a passion for minimalism, he approaches design with a keen eye for unusual perspectives, turning them into objects that are at once minimal and elegant.

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