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Pisa Side Table

  • Trophy Gold

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Lean in to style

Pisa Side Table ©

Design by Talent Lab 2022
INR 30,000/-

Sometimes, being a little “off balance” is a good thing! Proving this, here’s introducing the Pisa Side Table. Inspired by the iconic leaning tower, it daringly defies gravity and brings just the right amount of quirkiness to your space.

With a lean and mean silhouette and a stable stance second to none, it is a testament to the fine art of engineering. The table stands at a tilt while the top is flat as ever, so you can rest assured that it won’t topple ever.

Note: No famous landmarks were harmed in the making of this table.

A product of Talent Lab, this one’s extra special to us! After weeks of search and months of refinement, this table is the brainchild of our winner, Fareed Ahmed.

Technical Details

Dimensions Length x Breadth x Height
16 x 16 x 21.75 cm
Material & Qualities Iron/ Dark Emperador Marble/ Mirror
Colour Finish Trophy Gold, Lush Green, Tangerine Yellow
Technical Specs
in India
Suitable for
Indoors & Outdoors Use
Taxes & Shipping
covered within India
Delivery within
three weeks

Namit Khanns
About the designer

Talent Lab 2022

Fareed Ahmed designed the Pisa Side Table as part of ‘Talent Lab 2022 by Nama Home’, a challenge to forge young talents and their works of art. The design talents were mentored and trained by experienced and accredited designers. After a period of 30 days of their design journey, Fareed Ahmed emerged as the man of the hour!

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