To Create Beautiful & Desirable Minimal Objects in Metal.

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  • Highway, Ohio
  • Domino, Tart Table
  • Balena, Jumbo, Atom Side Table
  • O2, O3, Clip, O2 Table, Balena Lounger
  • Fossil
  • Halo, Yin Yang
  • Bat Planter
  • Spidey, Lisa, You chair
  • Scuba, Scuba Barstool, Scuba Planter
  • Barbell Table Lamp, Barbell Drink Table, Barbell Floor Lamp
made of mettle

Namit Khanna

Founder, product designer and Nama’s resident scuba diver, Namit is a third generation entrepreneur. Running around manufacturing units ever since he was a child has given him a love for imagining and crafting unique objects using contemporary techniques. With a passion for minimal design and an exhaustive attention to detail, Namit designs exclusive pieces that are always a little out of the ordinary. Nama Home's existence is based on the intent of creating a brand which represents the competence of India on a global stage and being a catalyst for driving design movements.


The Vision behind
Nama Home.

Namit on the why, how and where behind the studio.
Finding Nama Home

Brick, Mortar & Beyond

Nama Home has partnered exclusively with luxury retail partners to add a touch of minimal glamour to homes across the world.

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For a young, passionate home-grown brand we couldn’t be more thankful for for the love shown to us by both online and print publications. If you got something for us, fire away on -

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